A different approach to care & care items.

Our Mission

Part of the Training 2 CARE Group (one of the largest care specific training providers in the UK), The Item is the place where loved ones and people with medical conditions can find the right items, for the right conditions, at right price and most importantly at the right time.  We work with trusted manufacturers to discuss, explain, and review their items so that we can always ensure that when you purchase, you do so with knowledge and confidence.  We are your bridge to reduce the burden of constant searching to improve the lives of people that we support.

Our Story as the UK's FIRST dedicated video based website.

The ability to enhance the lives of people who live with any medical condition is at the heart of all organisations that work within health and social care.  Training 2 CARE Group are leading the way in innovation within this landscape with passion, quality and recognition that there is a need to evolve and change.  Formed in 2010, Training 2 CARE group have grown from a regional training organisation to one of the UK’s largest care specific training providers.  Training over 300,000 people per year to improve standards of care, Training 2 CARE Group have quickly become the company that many care providers and families can rely on.  Innovators in our field, we are the only UK company that can deliver the ground-breaking ‘Virtual Dementia Tour’, Inventors of the unique ‘Autism Reality Experience’ and Creators of the revolutionary ‘Dementia Interpreters Course’ and ‘Dementia Dictionary’.  Talking to staff, families and people who actually have the conditions, Training 2 CARE have listened, and it has become apparent that the way ‘health specific products’ are sold needs to change.  Descriptions and pictures can be misleading and the people that buy these, often have to guess that the items they buy are suitable.  Buying an item that is wrong for the condition or bought at the wrong time of the persons journey, could have a detrimental impact on their health.  The Item is set to change this so that we can always ensure that we buy with the right knowledge and importantly with confidence.

No one ever thought that one day they would have a need to buy an item because of a disease, condition, syndrome, or illness and indeed many will have little or no knowledge about what the right or wrong items are. The Item connects them to the history, the reason and the need that will help them to make an informed and life improving purchases.

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Our Ethos
A different approach to making informed, purchasing with confidence
No one ever thought that at some point in their lives they would have a need to buy items for an illness, condition, disease or syndrome. At The Item, we recognise that many people will have limited or no knowledge about what items are available and whether they are the correct items for the person or people that we support. Traditional websites display images and descriptions to help you make purchasing decisions, but is this really enough? Is the information given just a clever way to sell products to an uninformed audience? Buying the right item, for the right condition and at the right time is so important and THEITEM.TV is the first website that forces the manufacturer to stand by their product. The Item is video based, allows you to see the items and hear the benefits of the items through direct interviews with the creators and manufacturers. The Item allows you to buy with confidence and with all the information and knowledge you require, it is simply a new way to ensure that the items you buy are right for the people we support every time.
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