Loyalty Points Terms and Conditions

Loyalty points awards

Loyalty points are awarded for selected training course purchases through the Training2care group.

These include;

  • Training2care
  • Experience training
  • Nurse training2care
  • The Item.tv

Loyalty points are awarded against face-to-face training, full and half day and selected webinar courses.

Loyalty points will not be awarded for E-learning courses or against any products or other services on any of the Trainig2care group websites or direct through the Training2care group.

The loyalty points will be allocated to your dedicated account on a monthly basis only after the course has been paid in full.

  • 500 points will be awarded for a half day face-to-face course
  • 1000 points will be awarded for a full day face-to-face course

The above loyalty point values are discretional if any form of discount/reduction has been applied against the original full price of any course.

The number of points awarded to the above courses are subject to change without notice by the Training2care group at any time.

All fully or part funded courses are not eligible for loyalty point rewards.

A single delegate participating in any train the trainer course will receive a maximum of 1000 points regardless if the train the trainer course is over a period of more than one day.

If more than one delegate from any one company is attending the same train the trainer course (at the same time, date and venue) each delegate will be seen as an additional course receiving a further 1000 per delegate up to a maximum of 6000 points.  

Points will not be awarded to any course order which is being part or fully paid for using loyalty points.

The loyalty point scheme is only available to people or companies within the UK.

Training2care group reserves the right to whom may be eligible to participate in the loyalty point scheme.

Training2care group reserves the right to close any account without notice at any point of time regardless of loyalty points accrued.  


Loyalty Points Value and Terms of Use

Loyalty points can only be redeemed against products or courses on the Item.tv website.

Loyalty points can be redeemed against any product or course as either full payment or as part payment to which the remaining balance must be paid to complete purchase.

Loyalty points cannot be used as payment for delivery charges of any product or service supplied by the Item.tv.

Loyalty points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers.

  • 1 loyalty point is equal to £0.01 therefore;
  • 500 loyalty points are equal to £5.00
  • 1000 loyalty points are equal to £10.00

Loyalty points are awarded from the 1st of February and will expire on the 31st of January the following year.

All accrued points not used within this time period will be removed from all accounts.

There is no limit to the amount of loyalty points you can accrue within this one-year time period.

A monthly email will be sent to you as a reminder of the loyalty points you have accrued and the total value of the accrued points redeemable on the Item.tv.


Loyalty point Accounts

The loyalty points accrued in the dedicated account by any person, company or organisation are the sole responsibility of that person, company or organisation.

It is the full responsibility of the person, company or organisation to whom has authority to redeem the loyalty points at any time of purchase.  

Training2care group takes no responsibility for any loyalty points redeemed against any product or course purchase.

Any small, medium or large company, group or organisation may have separate accounts for each home or sector if they wish so.

If a company, group or organisation is utilising multiple accounts they can redeem points from any one of the accounts at any time to purchase any course or product for any of the homes/sectors they choose.

All loyalty points accrued in multiple accounts for any one group, company or organisation cannot be accumulated to make a purchase of any product, course or service from the Item.tv.  


Refunds & Cancelations

Should the course be cancelled after full payment for any reason and awaiting new allocation dates the loyalty points awarded will remain in your account.

If for any reason a course or courses are refunded the loyalty points awarded for that specific course/courses will be removed from the dedicated account.

Should the loyalty points have been used prior to the refund the value of the loyalty points used will be deducted from the refund total.

When redeeming loyalty points against a product or course as full payment which later requires refunding, the loyalty points will not be refundable.

When redeeming loyalty points against a product or course in part payment which later requires refunding, the loyalty points will not be refundable but the paid balance will be refunded in full.


Training2care group reserve the right to cease the loyalty point scheme without notice at any time.

In the event of the loyalty point scheme being removed no accrued points will hold any value or have ability to be utilised against any products, courses, events or services within the Training2care group.

Training2care group reserve the right to change/amend the terms and conditions of the loyalty point scheme at any time without giving notice.