After Course Forms

Here you can find the evaluation forms to complete once you have finished your training. Find the appropriate training course or provider and use the links provided to access the form you need.

Autism Reality Experience (ARE)

After completing your Autism Reality Experience you will be advised to complete an evaluation form, this is the form that you need:

ARE Evaluation Form


Dementia Interpreters Course

To access the evaluation form after completing the fantastic Dementia Interpreters Course, please use the link below:

Dementia Interpreter Evaluation Form


Nurse Training2Care Courses

If your training course was delivered by our Nurse Training2Care brand (which your trainer would have advised you) the form you will need to complete is accessed via the link below:

Nurse Training2Care Evaluation Form


Training2Care Courses

Your trainer will have directed you to find the Training2Care evaluation form for our courses delivered under the Training2Care brand. The form can be found using the link below:

Training2Care Evaluation Form


Virtual Dementia Tour

Having completed the Virtual Dementia Tour you will be asked to submit an evaluation form. The correct form to use can be located using the link below:

Virtual Dementia Tour Evaluation Form


Webinar Courses

If your training course was delivered via a Webinar, whether on Zoom or Teams, under any of our brand names then the evaluation form you need to complete can be found using the link below:

Webinar Evaluation Form


If you have any issues with accessing the form or require any assistance then please use the contact us page.