Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a video-based website?

    When you visit many websites you will see products and items in picture format with written description that are designed by sales people to pursued you to purchase.  We recognise that in an industry that serves people with different conditions, diseases, illnesses and syndromes this can be quite challenging for someone emotionally attached to the person they are buying for.  Speaking to people that have bought from this type of website, many have commented that they wish they could speak to the people that made the items to ensure that they have the right knowledge to buy with confidence. Video-based websites mark a watershed moment for people who support others in times of need. It gives you the best possible opportunity to listen and watch video content of interviews as manufacturers and creators of these items tell you about the items, how they work and why they are so important for individual conditions. Every Item that is available on this website has a video and all will make sure you buy the right product, for the right person, for the right condition, Illness, disease, or syndrome and most importantly at the right time.

  • I own a business; can I buy through a credit account on the Item?

    If you are a care provider or business, you can indeed have a credit account with additional discounts dependant on volume of purchasing made. Each account is subject to credit status, we will award the level of credit on a case-by-case basis based on a credit report.  You will be given account and pricing that you can log into on the Item website, and you will be assigned an account manager to deal with directly. The have an account, you will be required to sign that you accept the terms and conditions of your account, these terms and conditions will be sent directly for signatures prior to the account opening. 


  • Is the Item website for consumers, businesses, or both?

    The first thing to recognise is that no one has all of the answers whether you are a person buying for someone in your own home or a professional working in the care industry. If you are supporting a loved one at home, then the Item is the right place for you to start.  At the Item, we know that everything that we sell, you never wanted to buy. No one ever wanted a family member or friend to be in a position where they need items for a condition syndrome, illness or disease.  The reason you are visiting the Item website is because you need to find the right item to make the people you support maintain the best possible life they can. The Item does this for you every time and supports you to make these massively important and life adjusting decisions.  With a growing aging population even care providers such as care homes, nursing homes, hospitals and Domiciliary companies that understand the people they serve still need to be 100% confident that they are buying the right items to suit their needs.  Until the Item launched, it has been an impossible task for care providers to know everything about the items they buy as they do not have access to the manufacturers and creators. Like everyone else, care providers are reliant on the information listed on websites or word of mouth and therefore everyday care providers will buy items that do not match the needs of the people they serve.  The Item has changed this, now they also can buy with confidence and the right knowledge to best serve the people they support every time.