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Stick and Stay Grab Bar
Stick and Stay Grab Bar
Stick and Stay Grab Bar
Stick and Stay Grab Bar

Stick and Stay Grab Bar

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The is always looking to ensure that you have items that can change lives, prevent injuries and if possible portable so that they are total value for money.  Bathing injuries are a big issue and to compensate for this, we will often fix grab bars to a bathroom wall to support people moving or getting out of a bath or shower.  Sometimes this is for an injury or condition but often these are needed for just support. For people living in their own homes or maybe rented accommodation, are fixed handles the best choice? Would they always want visitors to know that they need support when they see these bars when using a toilet?  Sometimes people just want a discrete solution that can be removed when people visit or would like to have something that is portable and therefore value for money without the need of drilling holes into walls and tiles.

These grips are instant fit and instant safety, laboratory tested to ensure the powerful suction pads fit and stick to any smooth tile, enamel or even fibreglass surface.  Press the levers to gain suction and hold and simply flip the levers when its time to remove them, it really is that simple.  To give added assurance and confidence, each grip shows green on the indicator when it is fixed correctly and securely, ready for use.  If the red indicator shows, then you know that you need to position correctly and it is not safe to use so again a perfect and safe item for you and your loved ones.

Glenn Knight CEO of Training 2 CARE Group comments "So many issues and injuries caused with bathing or showering and that gives every loved on a worry when people are at risk of falls or already have a condition that may make getting out of a bath a challenge.  Obviously the ideal situation is to fix and drill a grab bar onto a wall, but sometimes this isn't possible due to renting an accommodation and you do not want to damage walls or tiles that will need to be repaired later.  These grab bars are an ideal way of keeping a person independent for as long as possible and without the need to have a tradesman enter the house to add cost.  These are portable and therefor absolute value for money and remember that if you are going to put in permanent fixed grab bars, it may well be worth trying removable ones first to make sure that you have got the positioning absolutely perfect".