Coventry care home staff hop aboard tour bus to increase their knowledge of dementia

Staff from The Knowles care home in Coventry will be getting on board a unique tour bus where they will experience a virtual representation of what it is like to live with dementia.

The team at The Knowles will be one of the first to hop on the bus to mark Dementia Action Week.

The bus is operated by Training 2 Care and offers a range of sensory tools to provide an insightful experience to those who haven’t got dementia.

The exercise will allow staff to better understand how dementia impacts the thought processes, behaviours, and feelings of those they care for.

This will help them to make adjustments to residents living environments and individual care plans to provide better care for those living with dementia.

Adept Care Homes, who manage The Knowles along with seven other family-run homes across the Midlands, say that the Virtual Dementia Tour is just part of their new program to deliver better care for those living with dementia.

Adept Care Homes head of operations Emma Philpot said: “This is a great opportunity for our team to experience, these outstanding professional tools offer unique and essential perspective to our team.

“Spending just a few minutes undergoing the virtual simulation will allow them to step into the shoes of someone living with dementia and understand some of the challenges they face.”