Britannia Care - celebrating Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year at Britannia Care, with the care team at Britannia Care pulling out all the stops to ensure that the residents in their care have the best possible Christmas.

For Britannia Care’s founder, owner and director, Mr Choudhry, ensuring residents can fully celebrate Christmas is an important part of what providing care at Britannia Care is all about.

“At Britannia Care we give thanks that we are able to serve and care for people. A big part of that duty of care is to ensure that our residents who wish to celebrate Christmas can do so, fully."

“And not just Christmas, at Britannia Care we ensure that all religious occasions are acknowledged and appropriately marked and celebrated. Just recently we were celebrating Diwali and Chanukah, too."

“We are truly proud of the pioneering work we have done in providing care to people from incredibly diverse backgrounds.”

All the traditions of Christmas will be observed. The decorations and the Christmas trees are already in place, and plans for the festive feast are well advance, with Christmas dinners planned for not only residents, but also the staff, with the senior management team serving the food.

“We have also organised Christmas gifts, so no resident goes without a present,” said Mr Choudhry.

One of the highlights of the festive season will be the carol concerts, especially the concert given by the choir of a nearby church.

There will also be carol concerts from children attending local schools and the local community. And, of course, Santa will also be present to hand out presents.

Mr Choudhry founded Britannia Care just over 30 years ago and over the decades has built up a reputation for delivering a high level of care to those who require it.

Added Mr Choudhry: “Britannia’s holistic approach to care is an important part of the company’s ethos, especially when caring for people who fall in to the four main categories of people who require care - the elderly, people with dementia, people with physical disabilities and those with a mental disability.

"Along with myself and my son and fellow director, Anis Khan, we have, over 30 years, seen our unique approach evolve and become the cornerstone of our strength and success," said Mr Choudhry.

Being purpose-built, Britannia Care was able to include in the design important elements essential to providing high quality care, such as lift access to all floors, and corridors wide enough to accommodate supportive aids, all of which ensures residents have a place they can call their own.

Registered manager Nina Butor is full of praise for the hard-working staff at the Girlington home and the level of care they provide for a culturally diverse clientele.

“Our amazing, dedicated staff speak 11 languages between them," said Nina, "and are committed to our core values that help us to provide the best-possible care."

“December is a month of celebration. This is a time to rejoice, a time for renewal and refreshment. If you are looking for a place for a loved who needs to go in to care, there will be a warm welcome waiting at Britannia Care.”