Care home residents get married after falling in love during the pandemic

True love really can strike at any age – as two elderly care home residents have recently demonstrated.

Mary Turrell said it was ‘love at first sight’ when Derek Brown moved into her care home, during the pandemic.

After their eyes met across a crowded room, the pair – both aged 77 – became inseparable.

In fact, they’re so smitten that they just tied the knot – at their care home’s first ever wedding.

Mary, who has lived at the residential home for five years, says: ‘It was love at first sight. He is everything I ever wanted.

‘We sing, we paint, dance if I can keep on my feet. Most things we do together.

‘Life can be tough but it brought me my perfect man.’

The couple marked their special day surrounded by family and friends, as well as staff and fellow residents from Easterlea Rest Home in Denmead, Hampshire.

Mary carried a pink and purple bouquet, while Derek wore a matching flower pinned to his shirt pocket.

The newly-married Derek says he’s thrilled that he’s now found his ‘perfect woman.’

He explains: ‘Mary was already here and my niece got me in here. That’s when we first met.

‘All of a sudden we got together, and ever since then we’ve been very, very close.

‘She’s a good girl.’

Reflecting on the pair’s budding romance, Carol Boyce-Flowers – the manager at Easterlea Rest Home – said: ‘It was the first wedding we have hosted and are delighted that two of our residents found love at a time in their lives when some others have stopped looking.

‘Romance blossomed after Derek moved into Easterlea a year ago and they have since become inseparable.

‘Everyone really enjoyed the day.’