Care home residents tuck into selection of tasty smoothies

Smoothies are helping residents at a Dunbar care home to get their five a day.

Nutrition and Hydration Week (March 14-20) has been marked with some tasty smoothies, including peach melba, berry and oat, and kiwi and mango, as well as the more unusual peanut butter and banana.

Wayne Woolman, chef at Four Seasons Lammermuir House Care Home, has been blending up some tasty treats.

He said: “As we get older our bodies may find it harder to store essential fats and sugars so it’s really important to make sure we eat and drink plenty of nutrients.

“Drinking smoothies is a good way to maintain a healthy weight and it’s great fun trying different ingredients.

“It’s easy to fortify smoothies by adding in high energy foods like custard, ice cream, milk powder and honey to increase calories where needed.”

Food and drink play an important role in the care home whether it is trying new things, bringing back fond memories, socialising with others or providing comfort and stimulation as well as essential nutrition.


Residents also enjoy creating their own dishes as part of the home’s weekly cookery club activities where anything from curry and cakes to cocktails can be on the menu.

Resident Joyce Paine, 99, said: “I’ve really enjoyed trying all the different smoothies, they’re much more exciting than just eating a piece of fruit and makes it easy to get my five a day.

“I thought the peanut butter and banana one sounded a bit strange but it was definitely my favourite.”

Fellow 99-year-old resident Nora Gilliver added: “I wouldn’t mind having smoothies more often.

“When I was younger I had a blueberry bush in my garden, they’re so good for you.

“I’m going to try a smoothie with blueberries in next as I love them.”