Eight-year-old girl with autism writes book to help raise money for Ukraine children

An eight-year-old girl has written and published a book to help raise money for Ukrainian children.

Mia Kenyon from Tottington wrote and published her book called Unicorn Magic #1 Celestal’s Midsummer Rose within weeks after seeing the recent events that are happening in Ukraine.

Mia’s mum, Caroline explained that Mia has always been passionate about writing and since she was very young, she has always aspired to be an author.

Caroline said: “She started with an illustration of the character, Celestal but then she had forgotten about it for a while.

“But with all the news with what’s happening in Ukraine she said she wanted to get it published because she wants her book, which is all about friendships, to raise money so she can give half to the children in Ukraine.”

She said that Mia was concerned asking how the children will be able to afford to buy food and water as well as sweets and toys.

It was at this point that she quickly finished writing the book in just a matter of weeks.

She spent her weekends and evenings writing and eventually managed to get the book published and it’s now on Amazon available to buy.

Caroline added: “She’s a little girl with autism so for Mia she finds friendships really challenging and the fact that she is doing this and thinking about all these children I find it very humbling.

“I think to have so much compassion for such a young child and to want to do this, she’s just absolutely amazing and she’s already writing the second book because she wants to make more and more money.

“Everybody thinks their children are amazing, but she absolutely blows me away. She’s always wanted to write books and to be an author, but I think because of this story and the children in Ukraine she’s got something to publish it for now.

“It’s really given her the drive and determination to complete her books, get them online and get them published now.”

Hazlehurst Primary School in Ramsbottom where Mia attends are spreading the word to all the parents about the book and Mia’s parents have been putting it up on their social media too.

Caroline said: “We’re trying to really spread the word about this story and this little girl that wants to do this. Not only will it raise money for children in Ukraine, but it will inspire other children too.

“You might just be a child but the impact you can have on other families and maybe other children is huge.”