Family of autistic boy welcomed to Thorpe Park after being asked to leave caravan site

A family has praised a Cleethorpes holiday park for their inclusive welcoming of them and their severely autistic son.

Jamie Hart and Irene Hart said their 16-year-old son Keagean has behavioural issues caused by his autism which has led to problems on previous family holidays. He needs someone to stay by his side 24 hours of the day.

A holiday in Wales last year was ended abruptly when they had to leave a caravan site because of Kaegean's condition. But thanks to the inclusive policy which extends to vulnerable guests at Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes, the family recently enjoyed a two-week holiday without any concerns.

Jamie, a Royal Mail employee for over 25 years, said staff at the holiday park had been fantastic which enabled them to enjoy their first holiday without any fears. Before arriving from Forfar in Scotland, Jamie contacted the managers at the holiday centre and also Humberside Police.

He said: "Our son has been on the autism and learning disability spectrum since the age of three. When we came to Thorpe Park we made them aware and contacted Humberside Police. They have been fantastic and have a support network to keep everyone safe.

"We are by his side all the time. We are constantly with him."

After the incident at a holiday park in Wales, Jamie said he had to take 12 weeks off work due to the stress of being asked to leave and then travel 500 miles back home. "It was the most difficult time of our lives," he said.

"We have finally got the support from social workers and there is now respite care. This summer we have been able to give our daughter, Michaela, some proper mum and dad time because we are always focused on keeping Keagean safe.

"He is a good lad, well-mannered and happy. But he can flip and go into a tantrum. But this holiday has given us time to be together without any worries, knowing that if there were any incidents, there is the support from the staff here. The police have listened and appreciate the vulnerability and visited us."

Jamie told Grimsby Live: "We have had a fantastic time at Thorpe Park, doing crazy golf and the new Adventure Village and having the freedom of the park and have tried to give our son and daughter a fun time, knowing they have given us a support network at the park. It made it so much better. It has been a brilliant holiday."

A spokesperson for Haven, which owns Thorpe Park said: "We are pleased to hear they had a relaxing holiday. We are a family-friendly organisation. Our mission is about given great memories that last a lifetime. It is heartwarming to hear they had a fantastic holiday."