Learning disability charity brings music store to The Marlowes Shopping Centre

A charity has opened a music emporium in The Marlowes Shopping Centre, next to Brillens Opticians, to help local people (EU) with learning disabilities.

Electric Umbrella unveiled the newest addition to the centre last weekend (May 14) with the help of the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss.

Members can get work experience by working in the shop, which the public is encouraged to visit.

Electric Umbrella member Rob was said to be ecstatic to experience the emporium, which he will work at as part of his work experience, for the first time.

Rob said: “I think it’s absolutely wonderful, [the emporium] has got everything that people could hope for, it’s really fun and it will draw lots of people in.”

Following the success of the charity’s 1000 Instruments campaign, EU decided to use their new items in the shop.

The store will be a place for EU members to develop and learn skills, and they can use the brand-new studio and live room to create music.

He added: “I will learn how things run with all the great people that are here and learn different skills, stuff that I didn’t know before and I think I’ll get fun out of it as well!”

Mel Boda, EU co-founder and CEO says that the opening of the Electric Umbrella Emporium is a dream come true.

 She said: “Electric Umbrella is all about putting our learning disabled members centre stage, providing them with a purpose by creating meaningful opportunities.

Ms Boda added: “It’s really important our emporium is located in The Marlowes in the heart of the town centre so the public can see the outstanding contribution our members make to the wider community.”

Helen Gray, Director of Hertfordshire Community Foundation, which gave money to EU to create this space, said: “Improving lives in Hertfordshire is at the core of Hertfordshire Community Foundation’s work.”

She added: “We are delighted to have been able to provide a grant towards making this initiative a reality and supporting Electric Umbrella in enriching local lives.”