New Isle of Wight Learning Disability Support Centre opens next month

People Matter IW introduces, The Isle of Wight Learning Disability Support Centre – a fresh and dynamic centre for adults with a Learning Disability.

This will be a place where people with a Learning Disability can come along and talk about their care and support needs; where they will be listened to and given a voice to implement change; where they will be given a target development plan setting out their short- and long-term goals and have support to become self-advocates for how they want to live their life. 

Training and personal development 
We will provide people with access to training and personal development to improve their life skills, focusing on preparing for work and volunteering, independent living, and personal and social development.

We will work together to minimise social exclusion and will do this by offering support that enables people to gain self-confidence, better accomplish day-to-day activities and integrate with the community.

What’s on offer?
Lee White project lead explained,

“Alongside providing group discussions, education opportunities and support to stay healthy, we will be exploring what is available to the Island community, and how can people be supported to access services and activities.”

Aim to change exclusion
People with a learning disability are more excluded from the world of work, volunteering and being part of their communities.

They find it difficult to express their wishes and ideas to others, they tend to not put themselves forward or know where to get help and support to achieve their goals, we aim to challenge and change this. 

Get in touch
If you have a learning disability and want to know how we can support you, you can find out more about the services we offer and book an assessment by contacting:

  • Lee White – Learning Disability Support Centre Project Lead 
  • Learning Disability Support Centre, Holyrood Hall, High Street, Newport
  • Telephone: 01983 685348
  • Lines open: Monday – Thursday 10am – 4pm