Valentines Day surprise from staff at Middlesbrough care home

Staff from a North East care home have made Valentine’s Day extra special for a resident and her devoted husband.

Evelyn Robinson, 84, lives in Astune Rise Care Home in Middlesbrough and her husband Colin, 90, visits her every day.

Next month is Evelyn and Colin’s 66th wedding anniversary and the couple were surprised with a special Valentine’s Day afternoon tea at the care home.

The pair, who had been happily drinking champagne since lunchtime, was serenaded by local singer and entertainer, Joe Black, who performed ‘Till’, a song that means a lot to Evelyn and Colin, originally sung by Shirley Bassey.

Colin said: “We mean everything to each other. We’ve done everything together, never been apart. 

"It’s so important to see her every day, we don’t know how many days are left so every day is a treasure.”

The couple had no idea what was being planned. Colin was expecting gammon and chips but he walked into balloons, flowers, photographers and a table set for two.

Caroline Bowstead, duty manager at Astune Rise Care Home, said: “Evelyn and Colin were a bit shocked at first but they were so happy.

"They couldn’t believe what we’d done for them but it was a real joy to do something nice for them.

“Colin thought he was just coming for a normal visit and he arrived with his daughter.

"We took him to the lounge where he thought he was just having gammon and chips but he walked in and there were balloons, flowers, photographers and a table set for two.”

“Their relationship is just 100 per cent dedication to each other. We asked them what their advice would be for a happy marriage and they said ‘never go to bed on an argument'."

"Children from the Whale Hill Primary School also drew loads of heart pictures for them as well. Evelyn and Colin have been happily drinking champagne since 11:45am.”

Last year, Evelyn and Colin celebrated their Blue Sapphire wedding anniversary, and the staff at Astune Rise Care Home made a fuss of Evelyn and Colin then and they couldn’t believe they were getting so much attention again.

Caroline said: “Well why wouldn’t we want to make a fuss of Evelyn and Colin, they really are a special couple and it’s amazing to see them happy.

“It's not about us, or the home or anything like that. I just wanted everyone to see how perfect they are together and what a beautiful relationship they have.”