'We're blown away' - Classic car show visits care home after roadworks setback

Care home residents in Ipswich have had their own personal classic car show - after a mix-up led to them missing an annual rally.

Henley House care home, in Henley Road, takes an annual trip to the Ipswich to Felixstowe classic car run, but after a route change due to roadworks, the residents missed the rally.

After reaching out to organisers and classic car group, East Coast Retros, a classic car show was brought directly to the doorsteps of the residents on Saturday (May 21).

Organiser and member of East Coast Retros, Hannah Carpenter, said that as soon as the group found out about the mix-up they wanted to help out: “They put them in a mini-bus and got them up there, and they sat there for an hour and in that time, they only got to see three vehicles. 

“It became apparent afterwards that the route had changed this year and they weren’t aware, so unfortunately, they missed it. 

“Normally the route stays the same but this year due to roadworks it had to be changed. 

“I’ve got a couple of friends that work at the care home and one of them contacted me and said would you be able to bring one of the cars down to the home because residents are so disappointed. 

“So, I said how about I bring a few more than one. So, I really hoped that I could get five or six so I put a post up as plea for help to ask if anyone would be willing to bring their classic car to the care home. 

“I was overwhelmed with the response; I had so many people say they want to bring their vehicle which is lovely. 

“I was hoping to get maybe ten at most so I was really shocked when I managed to get 40!" 

Administrator at Henley House, Linn Andrews, said: “We’re so grateful and blown away by them giving up their afternoon to come and show the residents their cars. 

“For them it’s brilliant, it’s a bit of the outside world coming to the care home. They would have had these cars, that sparks memories for them as well. 

“We cannot thank them enough."