Beach track built for wheelchair-users in Seaton

A track has been built on a beach to allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to get closer to the water.

Nicky Dack, who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), came up with the idea when she had to stay on the promenade in Devon while her family enjoyed the beach.

Ms Dack, disability champion at Seaton Town Council, was the first to use the newly-laid 85m (280ft) platform.

She said it was "amazing" to be back on the beach at Seaton for the first time in 15 years.

She said: "One night I was up on the promenade while my family were on the beach and that's what got me thinking."

Ms Dack, who was diagnosed with progressive MS in 2013, was invited on a test run of the plastic and aluminium track.

She said: "When I tried it out it was just such a good feeling.

"It can be very hard having a disability. There are obstacles and I want to make it easier for people."

'Everyone is welcome'

The project was delivered by Seaton Town Council, East Devon District Council and Devon County Council working together.

The local authorities will now look into finding additional funding to extend the length of the path in both directions.

Amrik Singh, mayor of Seaton, said: "Seaton is the town where everyone is welcome."

Dan Ledger, councillor with Seaton Town Council and East Devon District Council, said: "It really is a story of success and working together to deliver for tangible changes for the public.

"Hopefully, the scheme is a great success and work can then begin on gaining funding for a further extension."