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TalkCare How to Manage Groups
TalkCare How to Manage Groups
TalkCare How to Manage Groups

TalkCare How to Manage Groups

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Talkcare is the first ‘care specific’ social media app that connects you with confidence to the care industry. Join groups, build your connections, ask questions, share your successes, knowledge, find the latest research, news or legislation and improve practices across our industry.
Download the app, connect to this support and carry it in your pocket to access anywhere, all of the time.

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Functions that inspire within Talkcare:
1. Your profile is your opportunity to tell people and companies about you, where you work, your experiences, your accomplishments, and your qualifications.
2. Connect and grow a robust network of people working within your field of expertise to share the latest news, legislations, research and practices.
3. Build and manage or join unique and interesting groups that likeminded people with the same interests can share information privately from the main feeds.
4. Send private messages to your connections to help you gain support about anything that is on your mind.
5. Post pictures that add to your stories that help people connect with the written word.
6. Share posts through your emails, other social media platforms and even SMS to spread the word about the amazing work our industry does.
7. Receive notifications when people comment on your posts or send a private message, all in real time.
Talkcare is an opportunity to really shout about what the amazing health and social care industry commits to everyday, you can start to get noticed for the inspirational work that you personally do.
Talkcare is the care industries voice and a free app for any person that works directly or indirectly within the care industry.
Whether you work within a care home, home care setting, community setting, nursing home, hospices, or hospitals the Talkcare app is a vital toolto bring this important community together. The Talkcare app is also for organisations that service the care industry such as training providers, care supply, recruitment companies,dementia cafes or a student studying for a health and social care career.
Talkcare is a fantastic way of spreading the word in your local community or shouting about your exciting events, fundraising, healthcare shows and so much more. Working together, you can share recommendations from your contacts, make plans together, mentor people new to care and importantly raise awareness of local support groups.
The groups pages can be built on a national or local basis. If your business is specifically for the care industry, you could open a group to stay connected to your customers and attract new customers, you could open a group for your staff so that you can privately stay in contact with them and send them information and updates that they can access anywhere and at any time.
Talkcare is a place where we can police our community, where we can ensure that the information that is provided is accurate and truthful and prevent misinformation that social media traditionally presents. We can navigate the challenges, create engaging social content, content that inspires by being informative, timely and most importantly accurate. Talkcare is a platform that gives users the awareness about new and emerging health care concerns, it is a trusted platform that is built on reminding or encouraging best practice by the content that you supply. TalkCare is a place where the latest issues for our industry, new guidelines and laws can be presented and discussed in a safe environment and then can be shared to the world through your networks.
The free to download Talkcare app is a worldwide community of passionate people that are committed to growing a community of expertise to empower people to make changes to our industry. Talkcare is committed to encourage discussions, for you to stand out from the crowd, to give everyone a voice and everyday protecting and improving the future health and social care landscape for all.