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Care Planning
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Care Planning
Care Planning

Care Planning

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Course Title: Care Planning

Course length – 2-3 hours (depending on number of delegates attending)

Maximum number to attend – 15

Webinar – 2 hours

This course is aimed at all staff working in the Health and Social Care sector who have the responsibility of assessing and planning care.

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction – The Care Planning Process

Explain the care planning process 

Identify the key features of the person centred care planning process 

Explain how the person-centred care planning process differs from other forms of planning and assessment within the care planning process 

Identify who should be involved in the: 

Care planning process 

Person-centred care planning process 

Describe the role of each person involved in the care planning process 

Discuss how personal beliefs and preferences might influence the care planning and the person-centred care planning processes 

Explain the role of the individual in the care planning and person-centred processes 

Explain how the individual could be supported in these processes 

Assessment Process

Explain the assessment process 

Explain the roles of: 

The key worker in individual assessment 

The team leader in individual assessment 

Describe conflicts that may arise during the assessment process

Discuss the information that may be needed for the assessment 

Outline how this information may be gathered

Explain the role of observation 

Explain how information gathered will be put together 

Describe how the process might differ for a person who has diverse ways of communicating 

Risk Assessment

Define ‘risky behaviour’ 

Describe how risk could be assessed 

Outline how they would incorporate this into the care planning process 

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Planning the Delivery of Care

Discuss the roles of the: 

care worker 

key worker 

team leader in organising a care planning meeting 

Explain how care will be planned to meet identified needs 

Explain how unmet needs will be identified and acted upon 

Outline the individual’s role in setting goals 

Implementation of Care Plans

•       Explain the role of the care worker/team leader when implementing care 

•       Explain how the care team become involved in the implementation of the care plan 

•       Outline how the competence of teams can be assessed to ensure that they are able to deliver the care plan 

•       Discuss the role of family and significant others in delivering care 

Evaluate Plans and Processes

Discuss the role of the following in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of care plans and processes: 

the care worker

the key worker 

the team leader 

Explain the importance of evaluating care against pre-set goals

Describe how the care plan might be reviewed following evaluation 

Identify the possible implications of care plans not being adhered to 

Explain the possible implications of care plans not being adhered to 

Storage of Care Plans

Discuss how information can be stored 

Describe the legal framework that governs the storage of information 

Discuss the principles of information release